Authorities Are Concerned About a Young Boy's Reactions To Video Games

A birthday party is a terrible thing to waste!!!
A birthday party is a terrible thing to waste!!!
A new organization calling themselves "The Defender of The Status Quo" (DSQ), are very disturbed about the amount of fun that is being deriving out of the latest trend in Birthday Parties. 

The trend that they are referring to is the new, all inclusive, mobile video game birthday party experience. This new form of celebration combines the fun normally associated with party buses, with the prestige and exclusivity most often found in exclusive V.I.P. Suites and luxury limousine services.

Regional Director Brad Pitt Wannabee, puts the blame squarely on the shoulders of a new Mobile Birthday Party Event Planning service called Gamer vs. Gamer.

In an interview, Wannabee says that "birthday party's should remain boring and bland just like when he was a boy". "All of the laughing, smiling and fun that Gamer vs. Gamer is causing is making a mockery out of our birthday party traditions". 

Wannabee is calling for an all out boycott of www.GamervsGamer.com, and says not to listen to the "propaganda found on their testimony page. Which can be found at www.GamervsGamer.com/Testimony.


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