Actor From Gwinnett Wins His First Emmy

Norcross High grad Chandler Massey won his first Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor on Saturday night.

Chandler Massey has been collecting acting accolades since moving from his family home in Peachtree Corners to Hollywood at the tender age of 18 when he landed a part in a long-running TV show. And Saturday night he added another to his illustrious career - an Emmy.

Massey, who has been starring on the long-running daytime drama, "Days of Our Lives," since 2009 was named "Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Younger Actor" for his role as Will Horton. It was his second nomination but the first time winning the award.

"Wow, oh my gosh," said an excited Massey as he stood on stage after receiving the award.

Despite the excitement of the moment, Massey, 21, remembered to list a number of people to thank, including his parents Lewis and Amy Massey who live in Peachtree Corners and were in the audience - and Gina Parrish, his Norcross High School drama teacher who recognized the potential in her young student and encouraged him to pursue a career in acting.

"Mom and Dad, thanks for being here," Massey said, "Gina Parrish ... Thanks to everyone. "Yes! This is an honor, thank you so much."

In a report posted on AfterElton, a website that follows Hollywood's stars, Massey said he was so nervous he missed hearing his name announced.

“I didn't hear the name that they called, but all I heard was my Dad go ‘Yeah!’ because my Dad was sitting right next to me, so that's how I knew. Then I went up and flubbed the speech!” Massey added, “It was crazy! I definitely did not think it was going to happen this year. Not at all.”

For those following Massey's career, his win was "a no-brainer," according to the AfterElton report. Massey's character was recently outed on the show and it was "the first time an actor has won a Daytime Emmy for playing a gay character," according to the report.

Chandler Massey was among a group of "Days Of Our Lives" stars who held a book-signing event in 2011 at Suwanee City Hall (see attached photos.)

Do you know Chandler? Are you surprised that he would win an Emmy so early in his acting career?


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