Kile Glover Classmate 'Would Be Terrified' of Lake Lanier

An Atlanta area parent, whose child attends school with the recent Lake Lanier accident victim, writes a letter to Suwanee Patch and its viewers.

An Atlanta-area parent, whose daughter is a classmake of Kile Glover (aka Kyle Glover), recently injured in an accident on Lake Lanier, wrote the following to Suwanee Patch. It is being published in letter format, with his consent.

"I have been to Lake Lanier several times, but never boating. Over the years (20) I have heard about many bad accidents and incidents at the lake. My kid is a classmate of Kile, she is totally disillusioned by this incident and his status. We will not be taking our kid to this lake for water sports or anything else I'm afraid. She would be terrified I know just by the thought of it.  I have nothing against the fun people are having at the lake, but my kid will now have a horrific memory associated with the lake. Praying for peace for Kile, Tameka, Usher, Kile's siblings and their families...

-- Daryl Bryant

Suwanee Patch welcomes letters from readers. The content should be brief and will be subject to standard editing. Also, the writer must include name, telephone number and email address, and be willing to have his/her name published with the letter. Email letters to: steve.burns@patch.com.

Iyanna Weems July 11, 2012 at 03:24 AM
My daughter was also a classmate of Kile. We got the news Sunday before attending church. It was so devastating to have to break the news to her. I was sadden and in tears for the last past two days. Walking into the classroom on yesterday that him and my daughter Sheniya shared together brought me to tears as well. My daughter stated to me that Lake Lanier is cursed and she never wants to visit there at all. At this point I don't think me and my kids will ever take a visit to Lake Lanier at all.
Susan Spencer July 11, 2012 at 03:49 PM
I am sad that your children will have a fear of water. If this accident had involved a automobile accident instead of a boat, you surely would not encourage your children to fear cars or be terrified of being on the road. This was a terrible, very unfortunate accident but it is not typical of what thousands of families (including ours) experience when they enjoy Lake Lanier each summer.
JBea September 10, 2012 at 03:18 AM
Susan, fear of water isn't the issue. Lake Lanier specifically is what concerns so many.


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