Write a Suwanee Patch Business Review

You can rate a local business. Check some that already are online.

Did you know that you can write a review and assign a rating in Suwanee Patch's business directory?

Many readers already have. From restaurants such as Ippolito's in Town Center to cleaners to retail stores, people have shared their opinions and experiences.

For instance, check one review of . One reviewer gave it 5 stars, which is the best.

My husband and I love Ippolito's! We enjoy the atmosphere and the friendly staff too! Food is excellent.

-- How do you use the Suwanee Patch business directory? Share your experiences in the comments below.

And that goes for chain retail outlets such as Walmart, which is located in a commercial area near a busy intersection. One reviewer gave it 4 stars. The posting said in part:

Walmart in Suwanee has happy, helpful, personable employees. We go there often, and they are fully stocked and prepared. Just a great place to go for all your needs ...

And speaking of iconic Suwanee establishments, there's a 5-star rating and review of Dillard's, the barbecue restaurant across from Town Center:

Fantastic BBQ and biscuits!

So get started. Click here, or access the directory through the Directory link in the menu bar on the homepage. Also, there will be an area to select the number of "stars" to give the business.

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