Chick-fil-A Issues 'Cow Call' for Friday, July 13th

Customers can get free food by dressing as one of the famous cow mascots.

If you want to strive for some good luck on Friday the 13th, as well as a free meal at Chick-fil-A, you can participate in Cow Appreciation Day.

The fast-food chain, which has two outlets in Suwanee, is having a special promotion. People can win a free meal at the restaurant by dressing "head to hoof" as one of the restaurant's famous cow mascots. Also, you can get a free entree by wearing some type of cow attire, according to a company news release.

People can even get help with their costumes via a special download at a special website. Also, the company will have a special iPhone app for the event. And that day also will have a Best Cow Costume event.

In Suwanee, there are Chick-fil-A locations at and on.

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