Cupcakes With a 'Shot' in Suwanee

Lil Spirit Cakes of Suwanee offers sweet treats that include alcohol.

Before serving these cupcakes, you might want to check IDs.

Lil Spirit Cakes aren't your ordinary sweet treat. The new business, which has its only storefront at the Suwanee Farmers Market, packs an additional punch with its goodies.

Some of them are spiked.

"Once they taste them, they want them," said Donna Stockton, who with Kathy Grodman started the business in September.

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Their business is mostly bulk orders. They bake the goodies in a shared commercial kitchen in Suwanee, then deliver them. Cost: $30 a dozen. The ones at the Farmers Market cost $2.75 each. (No, those have no alcohol in the recipe).

But the signature feature of Lil Spirit Cakes is that many types of cupcakes include alcohol. Mojio cupcakes? Yep. Tequila? You got it. They get refined, too, with some recipes including Khalua and Amaretto.

The business is Grodman's inspiration, Stockton said. "Kathy watched cupcake shows (on television), and thought she could do better."

"We did some market research," Grodman explained, "and looked at what's not out there. There were not a lot (of businesses) that offered delivery."

And obviously, not a lot that pack this special "punch."

So far, business is good. Some orders range to 5-6 dozen.


For more information on Lil Spirit Cupcakes, email: info@lilspiritcakes.net


The Suwanee Farmers Market meets Tuesday, 4-7 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m.-noon, at Town Center Park.


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