Coupons on Facebook? Yep

The new Facebook Offers enables business to offer coupons on their timelines -- and consumers can share.

Facebook, a large and growing player in online commerce, is adding what could be a game-changing feature to its business pages -- coupons.

According to media reports, Facebook recently rolled out its Offers product to all local business pages in the U.S. This will enable marketers to share coupons on their timelines.

-- So we now want to know -- how many businesses already have started using this feature, and how many consumers already have gained from it? Tell us in the comments below.

This is obviously in conjunction with the social media giant's impending Initial Public Offering, which should generate billions in investor dollars. But those investors also want returns, as all other public companies will attest to.

Page fans can share the offers with their friends, which can be redeemed at the local business' brick and mortar location. Previously available for a select group of brand page testers, TechCrunch reports that the tool is now accessible for all US local businesses on Facebook.

This is from Sydney Discus World Aquariums' Facebook page: "We have started using Offers and have had great feedback from them instantly. Already people have redeemed 37 coupons for a special on Discus Aquarium fish and Fighter Fish! I see this as the answer to seeing great ROI on Facebook advertising!"

This also is a move in response to the popularity of online couponers like Groupon and Living Social, as well as coupons offered on businesses' individual websites.

Facebook has posted this link about Offers.

Complete instructions for creating coupons via Facebook Offers is on blog.hubspot.com

Compiled by Steve Burns.


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