Gun Club With 28-Lane Indoor Shooting Range Expected to Open in July

Facility to be located near the intersection of Braselton Highway and Old Peachtree Road.

In just a few months, area residents will have a new place to hone their firearm skills.

Verne Fowler said he expects his Georgia Gun Club to open in mid- to late July. Gwinnett County recently issued the development permit for the club, which will be located at 1951 Braselton Highway.

The 4.06-acre recreational facility near the intersection of Braselton Highway and Old Peachtree Road will include a 37,300-square-foot, two-story building featuring 28 indoor lanes -- eight tactical, 12 small arms and eight 100-yard rifle lanes.

Fowler said the Georgia Gun Club will also include an 8,000-square-foot retail store with firearms, sporting goods, self-defense items, shooting accessories and more.

The club will be open to the general public, but will also offer memberships, Fowler said. Members will enjoy extra benefits including the use of a members-only lounge and a simulator.

Fowler, who has spent 20 years in retail and 30 years in commercial real estate, said the club will offer programs for all ages and will be focused on education and training.

“We want to be a member of the community,” he said.

Beginning next month, Fowler will open a temporary store at 1944 Braselton Highway. Visitors to the store will be able to see the type of products that will be offered at the Georgia Gun Club retail store and look at plans for the facility.

For more information, visit firearmsacademyga.com. Fowler said a website dedicated solely to the Georgia Gun Club, georgiagunclub.com, should be operational within the next 10 days.

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DaculaHood July 16, 2013 at 07:42 PM
Thanks for the follow-up Kristi! I'm guessing a July opening isn't going to happen though, did he mention the adjusted target date? Thanks again,
Kristi Reed July 16, 2013 at 07:47 PM
No, definitely not July. February 2014 is the new target date.
local resident July 24, 2013 at 04:47 PM
I am not "anti-gun"...I am "anti-stupid people with guns". That said, I am a resident of this area...just purchased a house 2 years ago. I have a child who attends one of the two daycares mentioned. I have a number of friends who own various types of guns. I am also a relative of the police colonel for the State of Connecticut who was one of the first responders for the Sandy Hook Elementary school massacre. I do not find the idea of having a gun range between two daycare centers, 1 mile from an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school; at all calming or reassuring. There most certainly must be more appropriate places that are not in the middle of a neighborhood community for this type of establishment. I commend the owners for marketing their efforts toward "education and training" and "wanting to be a member of the community", but don't think this is the most appropriate location. I have been near other indoor gun ranges and know the sound can be heard outside the facility. This will hinder the daycare businesses, especially Discovery Point since the new building will essentially be in their backyard. The kids’ spend a great deal of time outside and there are a number of centers NOT near this gun range that parents can move to. I am disappointed (again) in Gwinnett County’s choices. Just my two cents...take it for what it's worth.
GregRodgers August 22, 2013 at 09:15 AM
Comments from Cowboy, JimC and "Gun Owner....typical. They refuse to see that guns are a huge problem in this country and alot has changed in 200 yrs. Again, another fool in a school with an Ak-47 assault rifle. Guns? Not a problem. Why...you will say oh he is mentally ill. Blah Blah Blah. Whatever....Sure we have an old document that we live by. You can hang your hat on that....but to say in this country we do not have a violence problem as it relates to guns is laughable. Again....selfish gun loving people. I mean just last week, 3 yrs old in Lilburn..killed by a gun...another 3yr old picks up a gun in a closest...kills himself because a gun loving house guest did not lock his gun, baseball player in Kansas killed by a gun just for fun. Love your guns guys. It's all nonsense.
Cowboy August 22, 2013 at 11:33 AM
Greg, The person that is responsible in the 3 year old shooting is the person that was owner of the gun, "not the gun", The boy that took the AK-47 to school was a mental nut as well as a past police problem, there too the person that owned the AK-47 was at fault for failure to secure the gun. I too don't like gun violence, but I neither like people being killed by knifes.. should we ban all "butcher knifes" because they are bigger then other ones and have a longer blade? maybe you should go shooting with a person that enjoys guns from a perspective of personal enjoyment. When I go shooting, I try to sharpen my skills as a marksman, not as a killer. I had an experiance once that the showing of my gun probally saved my life from 3 thugs that were preying on fishermen that were alone at a state park. he was hard to understand with all the gold teeth, but i think he said "darn good thing you had that Glock" or something like that....


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