Mushrooms on a 'Roll' in Suwanee

Okie Dokie Farm has a new offering at the Farmers Market -- one that includes toilet paper.

Okie Dokie Farm in Suwanee has decided to "roll" out a new product for the 2012 Suwanee Farmers Market.

At the center of it all: toilet paper. Really.

"I've already sold two (the first day)," Sharon Ferrer of Okie Dokie said, and that total grew as Saturday went on.

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So now, it's time to flush out the procedure for this, as it is a product that can keep you in -- edible -- mushrooms for some time.

So here's the recipe. Of course, start with unscented toilet paper. Boil it for two minutes, then take it out and let the roll cool so that it's not steamy, Ferrer said.

Then, put the roll in a large plastic bag, and add oyster-spawned infused grain. Ferrer orders hers by mail from Michigan. Then bind the bag with a rubber band.

Into the closet with it, for 2-3 weeks. Then, put it in the refrigerator for two days. Once out of the fridge, it should produce mushrooms growing from the roll center in about a week, Ferrer said. No, you don't eat the converted roll, just the mushrooms; Ferrer uses them for stir-fry and salads.

"I'm into mushrooms," she said.

Sustainable? You bet. The roll will sprout more mushrooms in about three weeks. So for $15 each, one "TP oyster" roll will produce for about two years.

Okie Dokie is a longtime vendor at the Suwanee market, and refers to the twice-weekly sessions as a "community."


The Suwanee Farmers Market meets Tuesday, 4-7 p.m., and Saturday, 8 a.m.-noon, at .


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