Retired Marine Now Helps You Travel

Suwanee resident and retired Marine now helps others travel aboard cruise ships.

Jeff Covert joined the Marine Corps in December 1982 and served 22 years before retiring. To say he is well traveled is an understatement by any account. During his years of service, Covert spent time in 32 different countries.  Now he’s helping others to travel as a cruise consultant with Expedia  CruiseShipCenters.

When Covert, a Suwanee resident, retired from the Marines, he wanted to continue traveling because it was something he enjoyed. He also went back to school and worked on a Bachelor of Information Technology and a Masters of Business Administration. While he was taking a marketing class, he went on a cruise that was booked by a home-based cruise consultant. As many entrepreneurs do, Covert thought he could start a business as well.

Inspired by his education and travel knowledge Covert decided to pursue a certification as a cruise consultant. He completed the necessary paperwork, training, and administrative tasks and was certified in March of 2012.

“Training is continuous,” Covert says. “Each cruise line has their own requirements for training.” The training explains the booking procedures, the itineraries, the ship features, etc. At the end of each class there is a certification exam. Covert says these are real tests, not something that anyone would pass without the training.

Covert says he plans to use the Suwanee area for marketing his new business. He wants to work with affinity groups such as the Marines, school alumni, and hobbyists. He is already using his relationships from the Marine Corps League, which provides a solid network of potential clients for him.

Covert’s travel experience provides a base for knowledge as well. He was married in Haiti and has given advice about the country to prospective clients since it is a stop on some cruise itineraries. He is also able to give recommendations for cruises he has done in the past.

“My pie in the sky is that I learn to do this and do it well and grow clients through quality of service.  You develop good relationships when you provide a service to someone.”  - Jeff Covert

While with the Marines, Covert not only traveled the world but served in a variety of roles and positions:

  • Field Artillery, (5 yrs)
  • Nuclear Weapons (3 yrs)
  • U.S. Embassy Security Program (8 yrs)
  • Inspector-Instructor Cadre (3 yrs)
  • Recruiter (3 yrs)

Immediately upon retiring, Covert worked for the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Department for three years. In addition to travel advisor, he now also works as a Program Manager for a corporate jet maintenance company.

To find out more visit the Covert’s web page.

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