Suwanee Woman Seeking Live Donor for Kidney Transplant

Jennifer Wilkes, who has been on dialysis, has been accepted into Piedmont Hospital's transplant program. But ...

NOTE: Barbara O'Neal at Piedmont Hospial is Jennifer Wilkes' live donor coordinator: 404-605-4128.


A Suwanee woman has cleared one hurdle in her quest for a kidney transplant, but she and her family are hoping for more help.

Jennifer Wilkes, whose family operates Wilkes Meat Market in Suwanee, has been accepted into Piedmont Hospital's transplant program, according to her mother. Jennifer Wilkes, a Parkview High grad, has been undergoing dialysis for three days a week since being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in 2009.

Wilkes' mother, Judy Wilkes, noted in an email that Jennifer has been accepted into the Piedmont donor program. However, unless a live donor is tested and discovered, Jennifer Wilkes would have to go on the hospital's "deceased donor" program.

Jennifer Wilkes is four years down on that list, her mother said, which would not be good for her chances at survival. So a plea and search for a live donor is under way.

Already, the Wilkes family has been rallying around Jennifer. A cookbook, "Wilkes Family Traditions," was published in 2011 and is for sale as a fund-raiser. The cookbook includes many signature recipes.

Also, the cookbook includes a page that describes Jennifer's illness. She was on chemo for a year before the dialysis, and still must take two dozen medications daily to survive, the description page notes.

-- Can you help Jennifer Wilkes find a live donor for a kidney transplant? Tell us in the comments below, or email: judy_d_wilkes@yahoo.com.

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LISA VICKNAIR-RUSH October 02, 2012 at 10:52 AM
Steve Burns (Editor) October 02, 2012 at 10:59 AM
Lisa, we will have more information on this very matter soon. Thanks for asking.
Galina November 10, 2012 at 07:13 AM
Dear Jennifer Wilkes, I really hope that you found a donor and doing great. I hope you and others can understand me. I have a really good friend Viktor who needs a kidney transplant, in 2008 on March 18 his loving wife donated him her kidney. Viktor needs now a new kidney because donated kidney was rejected. In 2011 on August 18, my best girlfriend Lena (Viktor’s wife) was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer, she went thru double mastectomy and her husband was the best support for her to go thru such terrifying times. She is so young, in her yearly 30th and it’s so sad for me to see my best friends to go thru such unfair challenges in their lives. In spite of her health issue now, she is heartbroken that she can’t help her husband because she has only one kidney. They are beautiful young loving couple, please any help and advise can be very helpful. Please contact me, Galina Quigley Cell: 541-206-2386 Email: galina7daretosucceed@gmail.com


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