Talay Asian Cuisine is More Than Thai Food

Talay is located near the Assi Plaza.

There is no shortage of Asian food options in Suwanee. From H-Mart to Assi, Korean food is readily available at almost every corner. China is also well represented in various restaurants throughout the area.

Not as well known, but growing in popularity, Thai restaurants offer delicious options for those searching for new cuisine. The Talay restaurant is a popular restaurant located near the Assi plaza that is a great introduction to Thai food.

Talay is located at the intersection of Satellite Boulevard and Old Peachtree on the end of a little strip mall. Known as either or Talay Thai Cuisine, it offers a variety of choices. On the Thai menu are the traditional options like Pad Thai and coconut soup. The coconut soup is made fresh daily and is a must try. The curry has just enough spices without being overbearing. You can also request items be spicy or not depending on your taste.

The uniqueness of Talay is that it does not only serve Thai food, it also incorporates other Asian cuisine. Included on the menu are basic Chinese dishes such as General Tso's chicken and Sesame chicken as well as standard Korean food. While these dishes are well prepared, it is the Thai food that is a standout at Talay.

Talay stays busy during the 11:30 a.m. to 1 pm time slot, so for quicker service visit after 1 pm. The wait staff is knowledgeable and friendly and the bar offers a flat screen TV to watch while you wait. Talay is a great way to dive into Thai cuisine.

Note: Many Thai dishes include the use of peanut products. If you have peanut allergies, please use caution and make sure that none of your dishes is in contact with the dishes that include peanuts.


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