Which Restaurant Had the Lowest Inspection Score of the Week?

Lack of cleanliness led to 49/U for north Gwinnett eatery.

Gwinnett restaurant inspections.
Gwinnett restaurant inspections.

Of the 16 violations cited at a north Gwinnett restaurant, 11 involved cleanliness.

Many of those involved employees’ bare hands — such as washing them incorrectly and directly touching food.

The violations led to a score of 49 at Senor Quintin Mex-Grill in Suwanee, which drew the lowest score of the week from the Gwinnett County Health Department.

The report was filed on Feb. 20.

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The inspector saw employees not wash hands before prepping food, wash them in cold water and for too shot of a time, and touching food with bare hands while serving it.

The restaurant also was cited for unsafe cleaning practices on tables, kitchen area, and fruits and vegetables.

The restaurant had its permit suspended for a day, and will require a re-inspection within 10 days.


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