A Virtual Trip to Hawaii Can Positively Impact Your Success

Bless that which you want. The results will be astounding!

By Millionaire Mom, Joyce Bone, a Contributor to Colleen's Blog


I recently read about an ancient system of wisdom in Hawaii called Huna. One of the principles says this: Bless that which you want.


There is real magic in this principle, and it is something successful people just seem to practice naturally. Unlike negative people, it’s a normal part of their thought patterns. In addition, it is one of the ways rich people become rich. Just like all their choices of mental habits, this one produces wealth.


This is true in any area of life where you want to attract something. It could be more money or a better relationship. Think of it this way – how do you attract people? By being harsh and resentful? Or by being warm and admiring? Of course, people will be attracted to you much more if you are warm and admiring. Money acts the same way.


Here’s a practical application of the Huna wisdom in my own life.


Sometimes I get disillusioned with marriage. I am sure I am not alone on this one! It has been 25 years of togetherness. We both work from home so that means we see one another 24/7. That is a lot of couple time. Personally, I am a fan of “distance makes the heart grow fonder.”


I do believe you attract into your life what you put out. I want more blessings.  If I choose to look at my husband and see 25 years worth of annoying I doubt my marriage will improve. How do I overcome the peaks and valleys in a marriage? Lately, I find myself practicing objectivity. I ask myself, “If I had never met this man before, what would I think of him?” Then I observe. He is actively involved with the kids, he adores me in spite of whatever I throw at him, he brings me coffee in bed, cooks dinner, and does laundry without hesitating. He really loves me.


When I notice the positives instead of his faults I think, “Objectively, I have to say, that is a really nice guy I married.” If you choose to focus on what is working then the good grows. I invite you to try my little practice. I call it the memory loss game (forgetting the past and focusing on today’s behaviors only) and it helps me stay centered. I bet it will help you too. Practice Huna and bless all areas of your life, especially important relationships!


Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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