There's More to Wealth Than Money

Redefine "wealth" and use yours to enrich your life and make a difference in the world.

Defining Wealth by Lynn Torre, Contributor to Colleen's Blog

I write a monthly newsletter for my clients and those in my database.  It is laid out in four sections:

  1. My personal thoughts and observations and the “Word of the Month”
  2. Health Section – a related article
  3. Wealth Section – a related article
  4. Wisdom – “words of wisdom” about the word of the month

Believe it or not, there is great logic behind these section headings.

Writing is a very interesting process, at least for me.  It causes me to pause and ponder the meaning of each and every word I write.  As I cogitate on the word – WEALTH, many pictures appear in my head.  For some of us, visions of piles of money, fast cars and a private yacht may dazzle before our eyes.  But there is so much more to wealth than a hefty bank account and expensive things.

Think about what money enables you to do in your life.  It allows you to provide for your family, have fun in your life and help others in need.  These are things that bring joy into your life and make your heart sing.  These are the visions and feelings I want all of you to cling too.

We have all been told that we need to work hard to get ahead and achieve wealth.  The pressure to make a lot of money causes stress, worry and may even lead to health issues.  Striving for the “almighty dollar” is not fulfilling for most. Money is a dichotomy – “can’t live with it and can’t live without it”.

Immigrants are drawn here to find the American Dream.  For them, it is about freedom and the opportunity to make a better life for themselves and their families.  We do live in the land of unlimited opportunity.  But is it about having all the “stuff”?  I believe it is a matter of keeping priorities in perspective.  What is more important – working a 14-hour day for the “big bucks” and “big house” or being home to tuck your kids into bed?  I believe you can balance hard work and still do/have what brings you joy.

There are decisions we all have to make.  I don’t mean to demean the concept of hard work.  Financial success takes hard work, but it should not always override doing those things that make you happy.  I am in awe of the younger generation.  It is important to them to be doing what makes them happy; not just having a job for the sake of making money. How many people have left corporate America to pursue their dreams? Entrepreneurship is on the rise because of this awakening.

I challenge you to look at money and wealth from a different perspective.  Take time for thoughtful reflection and identify what things you cherish most in your life.  How can you make a difference in your world?  Where does your passion lie?  What makes you really feel wealthy?  Don’t lose sight of these things for they are within your reach.

For me, I cherish the time I spend with my family and friends.  Helping a client gain confidence with money, financial success and peace of mind brings me great joy.  I feel very wealthy when I read one of my poems aloud and touch the heart and soul of the audience.

When setting financial goals, focus on what you want most in life; then determine how much money you would need to be able to do these things.  Hold onto the feelings you get when you “see” yourself doing the things that bring you joy, happiness and love.  It is these things that really “fill you up”.

Money gives you the opportunity to be, do and have what makes you feel wealthy.  So the next time your set a financial goal, think and feel yourself to financial success.

I often draw from the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson such as “The first wealth is health”.  In my personal opinion, if we do not maintain good health, all the wealth in the world pales in comparison.  When you look at the Affordable Care Act from this perspective it not only provides healthcare for all but mandates that we take care of our health.  Interesting way to look at it isn’t it?

Do you take good care of your health?  Do you eat healthy food and get exercise regularly?  Do you have an annual physical and take your medications as prescribed?  If your health diminishes you will need a lot more money in your retirement savings than you probably had planned for.  Your health does impact your wealth!

Remember my soon-to-be-famous quote:

‘Wealth is about more than just money”


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