SPEAK OUT: Do You Like Google Knowledge Graph?

The online search giant has refined its core offering. Share your thoughts.

Google is the undisputed online search leader, but like other successful businesses, it keeps refining itself.

It's latest tool is the Google Knowledge Graph, which seeks to add intelligence to search terms that might be ambiguous.

-- What's your opinion of Google Knowledge Graph? Tell us in the comments below.

According to the Washington Post, Google's search results page now displays instant results related to your queries — a search for Taj Mahal immediately brings up a list of facts, photos, and a map of the famous landmark, as well as quick links to other popular uses of the search term (like the musician or the casino in New Jersey). Google's goal is to get you to the information you're looking for in fewer clicks, while also increasing the relevancy of what you see when searching.

In its own blog, Google points out that Knowledge Graph is "focused on comprehensive breadth and depth."

For those who search on-the-go, Google's also gradually rolling this out to Android 2.2 and higher and iOS 4, both in the browser and in dedicated search apps. 

Also, this could also be a response to the increasing popularity of Facebook, which offers searches on its own site through Bing, which is owned by Microsoft.

So now, we want to know what you think about this? Will this keep you from using other sites like Facebook? Will it make your life easier? Tell us in the comments below.


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