'We the People,' Not Feds Funding Atlanta Streetcar Project

Feds open up funding for Atlanta streetcar project (AJC Saturday, July 16, 2011).

This is a "hoot" if there has ever been one.

"Feds open up funding for Atlanta streetcar project" (AJC Saturday, July 16, 2011)? Just who in the heck does Transportation Secretary Ray "RINO" LaHood think the Feds are? The Feds are "We the people." Grants such as this are the reason that our Federal government has got to start putting the axe to the 900 grant programs administered by 26 Federal agencies and the 2,001 (last count) subsidy programs administered by 16 Federal agencies. Just think, we  supposedly have intelligent members of Congress looking for ways to cut spending. That in itself is an even bigger "hoot."

When you read the article, you will note that the City of Atlanta is suppose to come up with the matching funds to offset the difference between what the Feds will provide and the projected (don't bet on it) $72 million dollar price tag. Keep your eye on the final TSPLOST project list which is due out in October. If the Peachtree streetcar boondoggle is on the list, this is all the more reason to vote an emphatic NO to TSPLOST 2012 on July 31, 2012.

Speaking of July 31, 2012, I am hearing that there may be a push to move the  voting date from the July 31, 2012, Primary Election to the November 6, 2012, General Election. The obvious reason behind such a move would be to ensure a larger turnout of Democrats. If your State Representative or State Senator has an "R" by their name, you might want to advise them if they are duped into supporting such a change, they do so at putting their own political future in peril.

Remember, if mass transit is so necessary, why does it take taxpayer funded subsidies to fund its ongoing operating & maintenance costs? Good question? The answer? Declare TSPLOST null and void at the ballot box in 2012.     

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MDG July 18, 2011 at 06:28 PM
I'm sorry Jim, but I have to disagree with you on one point. I think moving the TSPLOST vote to the General Election (November 6, 2012) is the right thing to do. First, I personally think having "decision issues" on primary ballots as wrong, as those events tends to disenfranchise those who may not participate in "party primaries". Second, I don't think this should be decided by a heavily "R" (or "D" or "I", etc.) crowd in a primary, but by any and all registered voters who would vote in a general election. For once I want an election or decision made by the ballot, and everyone involved can say “Dang, a majority vote was cast for/against me” and we can all stop this partisan spitting in the wind. PS. Before anyone reading this starts reading between the lines, I am an independent voter, who trusts neither the “R” or “D” parties, and I sick and tired of the partisan fighting and do-nothing government bodies.
robert marley July 18, 2011 at 11:04 PM
If GM and Ford had not paid the corrupt politicians back in the early 20th Century there would still be a rail line on Peachtree. We covet our cars and the freedom they give us, but forget that the path to this freedom was paved with payoffs and bribes.
Patrick T. Malone July 22, 2011 at 07:56 PM
Jimmy, Surely the world as we know it has ended when one Jimmy Orr becomes a blogger. Congrats on entering a whole new level of participation. A couple of points re streetcars 1. The MLK Jr Center to Centennial Park streetcar project was never a part of the TSPLOST transportation list. 2. Mr. Graves is right in supporting the maximum number of people should participate in the vote, so it is in everyone's best interest to move it to November. 3. You are 100% correct about government grants. Those are our taxpayer dollars being used to buy votes in the next election. A good step in restoring fiscal sanity would be eliminating every grant. 4. Mr Marley blaming the auto manufacturers for the absence of mass transit is just an abdication of personal responsibility. No one held a gun to our heads making us buy Chevys or Fords. As Pogo once said "we have see the enemy and he is us".
John Cook July 22, 2011 at 09:17 PM
You can thank your Georgia legislators from Gwinnett County for setting the date that TSPLOST will appear on the ballot. They voted for it in HB277 on April 10, 2010. You can click on the links under VOTES for that date to view their votes here: http://www1.legis.ga.gov/legis/2009_10/sum/hb277.htm If you click on the links at the bottom of that summary page, you will also see the various versions of the bill as it was originally introduced, and as the various amended versions were introduced. The bill was drastically changed from a roads bill into a mass transit bill. The current list of projects must still be reduced, but 44% of the dollar value proposed for Gwinnett is in new mass transit projects that less than 2% of the population is projected to use. In the Metro area, I'm told that more than 60% of the projects on the current list are mass transit. These projects will be built with TSPLOST and matching Federal grants/Federal debt/deficit spending. But guess who will have to pay the ongoing maintenance of these projects? Can you say property taxes? The current Transit Systems in the Metro area have already cut services because of lack of budget to pay for ongoing expenses. Why continue to waste money in this manner?
M.K. OSBORNE July 26, 2011 at 02:25 AM
Coming soon to Atlanta .... A streetcar with no desire.


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