Democrats are Goosestepping

Democrats are dividers and deaf and dumb to any side, but theirs.

Some people are deaf, blind and dumb when it comes to politics and being democrat. These liberals don’t want to think, or hear the other side. They just babble on about their side with their mouths drooling open wide. Oh say what you want Democrat liberals that republicans do the same, but how do you know?

Democrat robots do not want to think. They go to the polls with their Democrat designed list of candidates provided by the party to vote. It’s harder to change the political mind of a democrat than it is to change his or her religion. Once a democrat, probably always.

After Wednesday’s Presidential debate which Mitt Romney won with energy, intelligence, plans and pride in America, the cameras panned to viewers. Even with the bad, horrible debating of Obama, democrats stayed true to this loser.

How can Democrats allow people like Bill Clinton, with his indiscretions, to stand on a stage to represent them? Find a rally and the list of Democrat dividers might include the disgusting likes of liars and losers like Al “green energy” Gore, Sharpton and Jackson, lifetime government paid Sherodd Brown (has he ever had a real job?), Kerry “the billionaire Heinz husband and NOT war hero,” Reid, Pelosi and on and on. With most of the Kennedys dead, Caroline was the only namesake to add to the pack. But Democrats want us to think they care.

One wonders what does the Democratic party have to offer? Caring, feeling, with hugs and tears and lots of empathy? Today’s democrats sure aren’t the democrats of 40 years ago. Today these Democrats are hateful, racists, angry dividers creating the victimization of America through government.

Got a problem? Let the government fix it by America paying. Democrats care about their people, so they want all of us to believe. Yet, they voted out “God” at the Democrat National Convention, expect the Catholic Church to follow Obamacare’s abortion and birth control mandate, cut senior citizens Medicare by $700 million and have not found jobs for 23 million people.

Democrats don’t want to hear it. They might learn something that is alien to their political religion. As they goose step through their lives, they do not seem to see that America’s economy stinks under this president. Yet, they will take their Democrat voting sheets to the polls to vote  and be happy.

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Watts October 09, 2012 at 04:50 PM
A Freudian slip... when somebody accidentally says something that they really meant. So you think that I meant "badge of honer." "Honer" isn't even a word, so your attempt to spin a typo into a Freudian slip, has also failed.
Curt Fell October 09, 2012 at 04:57 PM
James, - Name one thing that President Obama has put forth that is Socialist? - Does Socialism = Communism? - Is the USA a pure Democracy? - What is fascism? I was born in 1964 and have not only lived thru the history since then but have actually lived outside the USA in a Socialist country (Germany), a Fascist country (Serbia under Milosevic) and a Communist country (Viet Nam). I commend you on your Masters Degree but all the reading in the world does not equate the actual experience of living it personally. Reading about Concentration Camps does not equal actually stepping into one, peering into the gas chambers and the charred ovens and feeling the ghosts. Nor does it equate to talking to actual survivors of the war from all sides - talking english or german to the death camp survivors; talking to US & British veterans; talking in german to German soldiers that survived, talking to US, British and Germans that actually lived thru WWII as children or soldiers; talking to US and Vietnamese that fought or lived thru Viet Nam war. Reading about Communism doesn't equal actually being followed and watched. Reading about Fascism does not equal living under a Fascist regime. Reading about Socialism does not equal the experiences of living in a Socialist society.
Phil McCracken October 09, 2012 at 06:09 PM
Kathleen is an internet troll. She posts the same articles on several Patch sites in NE Ohio. Her views are neo-Con drivel. She is trying to get your attention by the basest means- a liberal sprinkling of insults and outrage, but no substance, no forethought, and no solutions. Does the Patch plant such "writers" in order to gain more clicks, and thereby, more ad revenue? Maybe. PLEASE DO NOT FEED THE TROLL.
splinter October 09, 2012 at 08:51 PM
Both parties are flawed, but we are still in a worldwide fiscal crisis caused by a 30 year credit boom going bust so it's the new normal. We need tax reform (here's one big proposal from Romney: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-10-03/romney-17-000-deduction-cap-first-of-three-part-proposal.html) and spending reforms including entitlements. And we need new or more health care reforms focused on controlling costs including malpractice reform (just reducing defensive medicine helps), consumer incentives and more. “Most people don’t realize Medicare covers much less than traditional employer plans,” Sunit Patel, senior vice president in Fidelity’s benefits consulting group. “The $240,000 number captures the Part B premium for physician services, Part D for prescription drugs. Then there are deductibles and coinsurance, and benefits that are not covered like vision exams, hearing aids.” http://www.nytimes.com/2012/10/06/your-money/planning-for-retirement-dont-forget-health-care-costs.html?ref=business Medicare only pays 80% of the costs to providers and plans to cut more. We need long term reforms from both parties.
Lori E. Switaj October 10, 2012 at 12:08 PM
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