Hannah Rinehart, Wife of South Gwinnett Teacher, Passes Away

After a months-long battle, Hannah Rinehart died Wednesday morning at 4:15.

, wife of South Gwinnett math teacher Mark Rinehart, passed away Wednesday morning (Sept. 5) at 4:15 a.m.

"She is celebrating," Mark wrote on a Facebook page in her honor, "and I am thankful for God allowing me to have the privilege of being her husband while she was here on this Earth. Family was present, and when Hannah was ready to go, she left quickly."

Hannah, 32, was a patient care technician in DeKalb County. She and Mark lived in Decatur. 

the last weekend of June which resulted in blood poisoning. Complications led to the amputations of both hands and feet, but the biggest challenge was fluid in her lungs. Yesterday, doctors told the family that she was very, very tired.

"Thank you for loving her," wrote David Johnson, Hannah's brother, on Facebook. "She knows perfectly now what she always believed in faith. Jesus is the One and Only True and Living God."

Her father, Doug Johnson, expressed thanks for the prayers of old and new friends worldwide. 

"Many of you knew Hannah well," he wrote on Facebook, "and some of you only by the posts we have tried to put up to keep folks informed. Regardless…Thank You. 

"We will grieve. But we have been doing that for over nine weeks... She loved people and she loved living. I will always be grateful that the Lord brought Mark Rinehart into her life. They were so complete. She adored her nieces and nephews. She loved her brothers and sister-in-laws. She loved and was grateful for her Mom who was always there for her. 

"I will miss Hannah terribly. You are not supposed to follow your children into eternity. We find solace in the knowledge that today she has new hands and new feet." 

Donations are still being accepted through Operation Appreciation

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If you would like to leave a message for the family, you can do so in our comment section or visit their Facebook page.  

Regina Simpson September 05, 2012 at 10:36 PM
Love you Hannah we will miss you at dekalb medical ,your friend Regina (evs tech) r.i.p.
Ashante Good November 08, 2012 at 03:25 AM
Putting things in proper perspective; Hannah was nothing less than an "Earth Angel". To witness her ways expressed, there's that tender reassurance only an Angel can manifest. Our lord God began to missed her joy 'so much', shucks, he took her away! Then & now, I have deemed you so adorable, even I will love you forever and I sure hope to see you later Sis. Just like our God, I too, find in my heart an emptiness in place of your bliss. . .Rick [1Godlander] How 'special' it has been Hannah, to have graced your persona. My my my, what a lovable one you are, then and now. You have found what you have always longed for; 'to be forever loved by those that truly love'. Sister, finally you now know the secrets of my heart. Happiest am I to know that you know, I DO LOVE YOU. . .Ashante Good [1Godlander] Hannah? How is the weather up there? Always sunny huh??? {Did she say yes? I thank she did}. . . Ethadious Blackwell I’m missing you my dear child. Mother Rosa Green I prayed with you for the rescue. God is love, no doubt about it. Sister Calhoun (West End Adventist Church)


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