Historic Day Trips in Northeast Georgia

Revisit the past with these day trip destinations.

Courtesy of Fort Morris Historic Site
Courtesy of Fort Morris Historic Site

Written by David Rice

It’s a great time of year to visit the locales that make the Peach State the “Empire of the South.” The best part? You can get to all these destinations on one tank of gas (or less).

Fort Morris Historic Site

2559 Fort Morris Rd.


Why Go? Having played a crucial role in defending the Georgia seaport against the British, this fort goes way back in the history books to highlight the state’s early heritage and the part it played in the Revolutionary War. “It was the site of a confrontation during the American Revolution,” Arthur Edgar, site manager for Fort Morris, said. 

Insider Tip:  Visitors may borrow binoculars and a field guide to go birding. Downy woodpeckers, pileated woodpeckers, goldfinches, wood storks, painted buntings, great egrets and many other coastal species can be seen.

Must Do: "We have a great presentation that shows some the history of this area and of course there is a beautiful view of St. Catherine’s Sound for people to enjoy,” Edgar said.

The Fine Print: Admission is $4.50 for adults, $4 for seniors, $3 for kids and $1 for children under $6. Prices vary for special events.

A.H. Stephens Historic Park

456 Alexander St. NW


Why Go? This historic location features equestrian facilities, a Confederate museum and a lakeside group camp. Horseback riders can explore 12 miles of trails and stay overnight in their own campground.  

Insider Tip: Take advantage of boating, hiking, fishing and other recreational opportunities at the park by camping overnight. Regular campsites are available as well as horse campsites and cottages.

Must Do: Visit Liberty Hall, Alexander Hamilton Stephen's former estate after the war that is now full of artifacts and open for tours. The former vice president of the Confederate States is buried in the front lawn beneath a marble statue in his honor.

The Fine Print: Historic site admission is $5 for adults, $4.50 for seniors, $3 for kids and $1 for kids under age 6. Campsites vary by level of accommodation.

Civil War Heartland Leaders Trail

Why Go? Forty-six sites on this Central and Northeast Georgia history trail combine the drama of Civil War battle and the lives of the leaders and common people who lived during this historic period. "By visiting the homes, reading the leaders' papers and walking in their footsteps, visitors have the opportunity to learn about the lives and families of individuals who served their homeland before, during and after the Civil War," Heartland of the Confederacy Founder Ron Evans said.

Insider Tip: At 113 miles long, you can't plan to do the whole trip in one day. Pick your favorites and come back another time to explore the rest.

Must Do: Check out the Old State Capitol in Milledgeville, a former home to Georgia’s governor Joseph E. Brown. Recently the mansion underwent an award-winning, $9.5 million restoration, returning it to its 1850 appearance.

The Fine Print: Each site is different, so pricing information varies based on where you’re headed. Visit www.civilwaringeorgia.com for more information.


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