Casey Anthony and Protecting a Child

The famous trial again raises the point of how far a parent should go.

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As moms, we raise our kids in hopes that they will always choose right over wrong. As moms, we support our kids and protect them in hopes that no harm will come to them. Disciplining our children is not an enjoyable part of parenting, but teaches children that there are consequences to every action that they take.

Sometimes the instinct to protect our kids may overrule the knowledge that they should be ready to face consequences of their actions.

In 2009 in Atlanta, Aimee Michael was involved in a hit and run accident that killed five people. She fled the scene. Her mother helped to protect her by hiding the car and getting it repaired after the accident.

Aimee was sentenced to 36 years in prison. Her mom, Sheila Michael, was charged with eight years for her involvement in covering up the accident. The judge, when handing down the sentence, scolded the mother for not showing Aimee right from wrong in this incident.

More recently, in the Casey Anthony trial, Casey's mother is testifying against her daughter. Casey Anthony is on trial for the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. Casey Anthony will face the death penalty if found guilty. As her mother, Cindy, finished testifying, she mouthed the words "I love you" to her daughter.

In both these cases, the mothers had the choice to protect their child at all cost or to make sure that their child faced the consequence for what they had done.

What would you do? If your child did something that would require a life-changing consequence, such as prison time, would you lie for them in hopes to protect them, or would  you make them face the punishment for their crime?


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