Falcons' Stadium Voice Talks of the 2013 Super Bowl That Almost Was

Hanchey, a Suwanee resident, watched Falcons almost make the NFL title game -- on the job.

Tim Hanchey was back in church Sunday in Suwanee, but he had mixed emotions about it. Resuming his worship routine meant that he was not with the Atlanta Falcons in the 2013 Super Bowl.

Hanchey is the Georgia Dome announcer for the Atlanta Falcons, which meant he, like the team and organization, came very close to a Super Bowl trip. The Falcons' last minute 28-24 loss to San Francisco two weeks ago meant that the 49ers got to play Baltimore in Sunday's game. (Kickoff: 6:30 p.m., CBS).

Hanchey has been doing Falcons games in the Georgia Dome since 2006, before the current regime of Head Coach Mike Smith and GM Thomas Dimitroff took over. And Hanchey noted that there was a "different energy" for Falcons games this season, though the Super Bowl bid fell short.

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"The atmosphere at the Dome was electric," Hanchey noted Sunday after a service at Shadowbrook Baptist Church. "With Matt (Ryan) and all the weapons on offense, the team always felt like it had a chance (to win).

"In years past, when the Falcons got down, you'd look around and everyone would be leaving. This year was something special."

Hanchey also does announcer work for Georgia Tech home games and the Chick-fil-A college games at the Georgia Dome. He got the Falcons gig after he got involved with the Arena League's Georgia Force. When Falcons owner Arthur Blank also bought the Force, Hanchey got involved with some Falcons production people, and voila ...

He's not sure whether a Falcons trip to the Super Bowl would also have translated into a trip for him to New Orleans, but he would have liked the chance to find out. And he still feels like the Falcons will be heard from again.

"It's not over," Hanchey said. "We've still got a nucleus that is young and talented."

As far as a prediction on Sunday's Super Bowl, Hanchey is staying cautious.

"The team with the most points will win, and the head coach will be a Harbaugh," he said, smiling.

"There's so much parity in the NFL."

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