NEWS NEARBY: Suwanee Man Expands Beverage Business to Grayson

Richard Tucker has a new beverage store in Gwinnett.

A Suwanee businessman soon will expand his Beverage Superstore business to Grayson.

With construction complete, the shelves stocked and the staff ready, the Beverage SuperStore of Grayson was to open for business Wednesday (Oct. 24).

It is the newest venture for Richard Tucker, who is co-owner of the Beverage Superstore II in Suwanee (with Wayne Mason).

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Controller Suzanne Adams said the 15,000 square foot facility in Grayson, Gwinnett's largest, will be the first-ever package store in Grayson, serving Gwinnett, Walton and Barrow counties.

The design is of a General Store from yesteryear, and is constructed of brick and granite with a warehouse feel.

"This building is in keeping with the traditional architecture prevalent in the old South in the early 1900's and will offer our customers the finest selection and lowest prices in North Georgia," said Tucker. "It will feature all the products and services of our other store, Beverage SuperStore of Suwanee and will welcome our new neighbors with the best of everything."

Some information in this article originally posted in Loganville-Grayson Patch.

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