Plein Air Arts Is Back in Suwanee

On Saturday and Sunday, artists again will capture landscape images from around the city.

Again this weekend, artists will head for various points around Suwanee to put images on canvas in the fall Plein Air event, which runs Saturday and Sunday (October 27-28).

Organized by the North Gwinnett Arts Association (NGAA), the Plein Air event features artists recording landscape scenes as they appear naturally. They use various methods, such as oils, acrylics, watercolors.

-- Have you seen Plein Air artists at work in Suwanee? Have you purchased any of their works? Tell us in the comments below.

According to the NGAA, artists will use their personalized styles in pursuit of the common goal of capturing scenes as quickly as possible before the movement of the sun and clouds alters the lighting and colors of the view. Visitors are invited to watch the artists at work.

And as before, a reception will be held at Ippolito's on Sunday evening, during which the artists' works will be available for purchase.

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