SPEAK OUT: Do You Fear a Major Cyberattack?

Facebook and the U.S. Energy Department are among those who have been affected recently. Share your thoughts.

The dark side of global Internet usage has reared its head several times recently. And in some cases, the attacks appear coordinated -- and increasing in intensity.

According to media reports, Facebook fell victim to a U.S. attack recently, and the U.S. Energy Department disclosed in February that hackers penetrated computers and servers at the agency’s Washington headquarters and stole personal information of hundreds of employees and contractors.

Reports also say that the New York Times, the Washington Post and Twitter have been hacking victims recently.

-- Are you concerned about online security? Do you fear a major cyberattack is coming? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

“We’re seeing a widespread colonization of significant U.S. infrastructure,” Tom Kellermann, a vice president for cybersecurity at TrendMicro, a Tokyo-based security company, said in The New York Times. “The level of organization and premeditation behind these attacks is really unprecedented.”

According to tech news website Ars Technica, Facebook was hacked with a previously unseen type of attack using Java, a platform used for developing software.

Facebook said only a few employees were compromised, but that other companies fell victim to the attack as well. Also, Facebook said that there's no indication that user information was compromised.

A month ago, the Department of Homeland Security took the unusual step of  warning users to disable Java because of a major vulnerability, the Los Angeles Times reported.



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