SPEAK OUT: How Will LFL Atlanta Steam Do in 2013? (Video)

The women's football league team, which debuts in Gwinnett in April, has been predicted to go winless in 2013. Share your thoughts.

The debut of the women's Legends Football League in Gwinnett is less than two months away. Already, the Atlanta Steam is practicing -- and chafing under the prediction of an 0-4 season in 2013.

According to an article in lfl360.com, linebacker Adrian Purnell of the Jacksonville Breeze talked some smack on Commissioner’s Corner, “…everyone thinks we are looking forward to the Atlanta game this year because everyone is talking a big game about them. (They) are the least of my worries right now.” Literally days later, “The List” guaranteed Atlanta to go 0-4.

Atlanta wide receiver Krista Cross’ response was “{forget} the world. They got it backwards, 4-0.”

Wide receiver Holly Oakes stated, “While 0-4 is totally not going to happen, it definitely made some people mad. I was upset too, but now we are already looking past that. It just fired us up even more.”

The LFL, of course, is the renamed Lingerie Football League. Atlanta is a new team in 2013, and already is practicing for its Gwinnett debut on April 13 vs. Omaha at the Gwinnett Arena. The Steam also will play in Gwinnett in May.


In the LFL, football is seven-on-seven, with no kickoffs, punting or field goals.

For practice footage and interviews, see the attached video.

-- How do you think the Atlanta Steam will do this year? Do you plan to attend any games? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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