Will Calorie Counts on McDonald's Menus Result in Healthier Meal Choices?

Now that McDonald's will be providing calorie information on its menus, will you think twice before ordering that extra value meal?

McDonald’s announced Wednesday (Sept. 12) that, starting this month, it is adding calorie information on restaurant and drive-through menus. So now when you bite into that Big Mac, you will know just how many calories you're about to ingest. According to a drive-through menu for McDonald's in Bethlehem that is already showing calorie counts, an Angus Cheese Burger Meal is 1,170 to 1,410 calories.

According to a press release on behalf of McDonald's, the move to include calorie information is the latest in a series of actions to support the company's commitment to offer improved nutrition choices. It is, however, also a requirement of the Obama Health Care initiative that requires any restaurant chain with more than 20 outlets to list the calorie counts of its meals on the menu.

Our question is, now that you have that information, will it change your meal choices when visiting McDonald's? Do you think it will result in people making healthier choices when eating or ordering from McDonald's? Tell us in comments. 


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