Army Buddy Shooter Gets Prison Term

'I remember seeing the blood,' said the stepson of Carmon McCurrie, who was wounded in a shooting attack by Timothy Amstutz in Suwanee.

Tmothy Amstutz was known as "family" and "Uncle Tim" to Carmon McCurrie and his family in Suwanee. But he now will do prison time for a shooting attack on McCurrie in December 2011. And the suffering will go on for McCurrie and his family.

Amstutz, formerly of Lawrenceville, pleaded guilty Friday (Sept. 28) in Gwinnett Superior Court to charges connected with the shooting. Amstutz received a 14-year prison term, with another 11 years of probation. He also must pay fines and restitution.

McCurrie and Amstutz served together in the Army stateside.

"... I watched as my mother screamed for help. She was holding Carmon and she was just screaming for help. I remember seeing the blood.

But it all changed on the night of Dec. 15, 2011. According to a victim impact statement from Carmon McCurrie's stepson, age 16 and a Peachtree Ridge High student:

"... I watched as my mother screamed for help. She was holding Carmon and she was just screaming for help. I remember seeing the blood. And my mother was begging me to call 911 and she just kept asking for help. I ran downstairs to help her. I will never forget the way my mother’s voice sounded that night."

According to police, Amstutz fired from outside the house about 10:50 p.m., and is believed to have used a shotgun. McCurrie was in the living room playing video games when the attack occurred, and the video-game headphones may have saved his life by deflecting some of the ammunition.

Also, in a Facebook posting about the courtroom sentencing, Amy McCurrie, the victim's wife, said:

"I looked directly at Tim, and told him how much we loved him, and how he was FAMILY to us… And I looked him in the eye and let him know how he broke our family and damaged us forever…"

Carmon McCurrie has had several surgeries since the shooting at his Grand Park Drive home, and his unpaid medical bills exceed $57,000.

The motive for the attack remains unknown.

Amy McCurrie's Facebook description also spoke of the moment when Amstutz spoke in court:

"At that moment as I heard Tim speak, it was the Tim that we all knew and loved. It was the Tim that we shared laughter with, and shared so many good memories with."

Added the 16-year-old's statement:

"I had to watch my mother take care of Carmon. I helped her as much as I could. I remember she did not sleep for 4 days straight because she was scared and wanted to make sure that my brother, sister and I were ok.

"I will forever be impacted by this tragedy my whole life."

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