Police Investigation Continues Into Fatal Shooting in Suwanee

Police recently interviewed a family member of slain Charissa Thomas. Her husband says the shooting was accidental.

About one month after a Suwanee man told police that he "accidentally shot his wife in the head," Suwanee Police are continuing to investigate the fatality.

Suwanee Police spokesperson Capt. Clyde Byers said Wednesday (November 7) that a police sergeant recently interviewed a family member of Charissa Thomas, who was found dead at her Chattahoochee Run home on October 10.

Steven Thomas, Charissa Thomas' husband, told police dispatch that day that he "accidentally shot his wife in the head." Steven Thomas also was found by police officers at the couples' residence shortly after the shooting. He has remained free after being questioned by Suwanee Police after the shooting.

No charges have been filed. Byers said there is no deadline to complete the investigation.

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The incident occurred in the early morning hours of October 10, according to police records. Officers who responded to the dispatch call found Charissa Thomas' body at the top of the stairs inside the home.

A gun was found placed near the body, and a cell phone was found near her body.

In the master bedroom, officers noticed that a bedside stand had been moved irregularly, away from a wall. There was blood leading from Charissa Thomas' body through the bedroom and into the master bathroom.

In the bathroom, the sink had several spots of blood on it, and water was still running. Officers also found a cleaning agent and a rag lying on the floor, just outside the bathroom in the bedroom.

The incident has produced strong emotions and reactions from people who knew the couple.

Clay Shy, who sold the Riverview Run Lane home to the Thomases in August (sale by owner) said, "I know a lot of what's going on. ... I also am sure this was an accident."

Also, Suwanee Patch commenter "Lisa" said, " "Loving relationship" or not, someone was killed and many of us want to see justice or at least an explanation."

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Lisa November 16, 2012 at 09:11 PM
"A" family member was interviewed? Is that all the news there is on this shooting? I really dont understand the lack of interest or outrage in this story. A woman was shot and killed by her husband and all we are getting is what a loving couple they were. Scott and Lacy Peterson, amoung thousands of others, were also a loving couple.


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