Gwinnett Men Report Home Invasion, but Arrested on Drug Charges Instead

Gwinnett Police arrest two 20-somethings in unincorporated Snellville on marijuana possession charges, and outstanding warrants.

On Jan. 26, 2013 two men told police that they were victims of an armed robbery that took place in their unincorporated Snellville home. But they ended up getting arrested for marijuana possession and outstanding warrants.

According to Gwinnett County Police, the men, both in their early 20s, told officers to meet them on Donegal Way around 10:30 p.m. to talk about a robbery that had just occurred in their home on the 3800 block of White Pine Road. 

The victims told police that they ran away from the house to get away from the suspect. One of the victims, who was bleeding from an open head wound, said he was hit in the head by a friend who came to the house looking for money.

The officer requested to go back to the incident scene, so they went back.

On the way there, they told police that they were inside the home when their friend showed up at the door. The younger victim said he knew the suspect and had smoked with him before, so he was allowed inside.

When the suspect entered the house, according to the victim, he began to ask where his money was.

He asked the question repeatedly, but the victim told him he had "no idea what he was talking about." The suspect next produced a gun and pointed it at him. The suspect eventually struck the victim's head.

The suspect ordered both men to stand outside on the back patio while he stole a $400 laptop from the home. The theft kept the suspect distracted, so the victims took the opportunity to jump from the patio, run through the woodline and call police.

They told police that they had no idea why the friend wanted to rob them. 

Officers searched the home for the possibility of other suspects who may still be there. Immediately, they could smell a strong odor of marijuana. They checked the home and found a jar filled with what appeared to be marijuana, plastic bags with marijuana-like residue and a digital scale. There were also loose single-dollar bills in a shoe box nearby.

Initially, the victims said they knew nothing about the marijuana. One of them later changed his story and said it was his, and he was arrested for drug possession.

The other victim was arrested for drug possession, but it turned out he also had outstanding warrants from Cobb County for assault and battery and other drug-related charges.

This article originally posted in Snellville Patch.


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