Lake Lanier Called 'Cursed' ... 'Death Trap'

Online reaction is strong about metro Atlanta's aquatic retreat after the latest injury accident. Share your thoughts.

The news that two more children have been critically injured on Lake Lanier has provoked strong and negative reaction online.

"Lake Lanier is a death trap" read a posting on Twitter.com by user @_milanrev.

Also, Twitter user @briellezolciak posted, "my prayers go out to kile glover & his family. lake lanier is cursed I swear."

-- What's your reaction to the latest incident at Lanier? Do you feel safe on the lake? Tell us in the comments below.

The public comments come after an accident last week injured Kyle Glover, 11, and a 15 year old girl. Glover, stepson of superstar entertainer Usher, reportedly has been declared brain dead by doctors in Atlanta. The children were in an inner tube being pulled by a pontoon boat when they were hit by a jet ski. The man piloting the jet ski reportedly was a member of the boating party with the children.

This incident comes not long after a June boating collision killed Buford brothers Griffin and Jake Prince, whose funeral was July 3 in Suwanee. A Johns Creek business owner has been charged with boating under the influence in connection with that collision.

Twitter user @mizrik posted, "That's 4 children dead or severly injured in less than 30 days at LakeLanier. Can we please stop letting money trump common sense?"

According to Foxnews.com, officials with the Department of Natural Resources, which patrols Lake Lanier, have been trying to re-create details of the incident involving Usher's stepson. They say alcohol does not appear to be a factor.

There's considerable reaction online to indicate that Lanier has become too busy for many potential users.

User Roxana P posted on Suwanee Patch, "My incident wasn't reported in the news but my family and I were involved in a boating accident near Buford Dam on May 19. Our small boat capsized due to the high wake from speeding boats. My two year old son, an 11 year old, a 17 year old, and 3 adults were thrown. Thank god we were all okay. I will NEVER go out on that lake again."

User @edeweysmith posted on Twitter, "There MUST be some immediate regulations for driving water vehicles on Lake Lanier!! Praying for the Raymond family! #WOW

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Robert K. Griffin July 09, 2012 at 04:57 PM
speed limit laws on Lanier have to be legislated in. DNR can't do it. Talk to your congressman. At the very least, their should be speed limits as you enter any of the creeks,(example: Shoal creek, Big Creek, Bald ridge Creek) because they tend to be very busy and much narrower than the main lake. The go fast boats can unwind from the dam to Browns Bridge. Past Browns Bridge their should be speed limits. Jet ski's opens a whole new can of worms, allot of inexperianced people with allot of horsepower = trouble. I love Lanier, but something has to be done.
Peggy Attaway July 10, 2012 at 02:32 PM
My husband and I are recreational kayakers and it's like the wild, wild west on Lake Lanier currently. We downloaded a map of all the no-boat or no-wake zones and there is either no regard or no understanding of the rules of the lake by boaters. We saw where, in addition to these two accidents, another boater was swamped this past weekend and their boat was sunk and the passengers had to be rescued.. It was caused by another boat that swamped it. Enough is enough. The DNR resources are very low, law enforcement is just about nil out there. Something needs to be done sooner than later. We are not even safe just clinging to the shores with our kayaks because the terrible wake being thrown around by the jet skiers running so very close to the shores. I often wonder when will the day come that one of these boaters simply runs over a swimmer in a designated swim area? The lake has 38,000 acres of water to play in...Why can the boaters not respect the no-wake zones? Better yet, designate a few sections to allow for the jon-boats, fishing boats and kayaks to have their own space. Let the fools who want to go 85 mph while drinking have their own space and let them go at it...with each other.
Lanier Boater July 10, 2012 at 05:20 PM
Frequent Lanier boater with a family here...Channel markers are a suggestion among some boater friends...one direction movement on one side, the other direction on the other...like a road. No wake zones also should not be reserved simply for small coves, bridges and marinas...put a few in the high traffic areas, like Shoal creek...slow people down. I also believe that no one should be wide open after dark. I would support no wake when running lights are on. Boaters will stay closer to home and get back to enjoying boating in a relaxing manner rather than boozing it up and speeding to get home. I have much concern about renting any kind of vessel...$ talks...Enterprise rent a car would never rent a car without a valid drivers liscence...why is boating any different? Ive also thought it to be outrageous to tube or kneeboard anytime that its crowded and never in the main channel. I wouldnt want my children to fall off when the water is as rough as it gets and with as many other boats moving about. It will take laws and licensing regulations to make Lanier as safe as it can be. Its not cursed, just too many people and not enough sense for alot of them.
Becky Geisel July 10, 2012 at 05:54 PM
I do not go to Lanier as I prefer the more peaceful environment of some of Georgia's Mt lakes like Burton and Rabun. I do believe that the safety of all needs to be addressed and that Ga should adopt a law similar to the Northwest, where all boats have spotters for skiers, boarders, or tubers. If someone falls into the water, the spotter is to hold up a colored flag to alert boaters passing by that there is someone in the water. THis will not help with the recent accidents as it sounds like one was a result of alcohol and boating and the second one sounds like someone driving the jetski much to close to the other boats. 50 feet is the rule, I believe for space between boats.
Liveonthelake July 10, 2012 at 05:54 PM
We live on the lake near Bald Ridge Marina and are on it all the time. The amount of ignorance of those on the lake is the biggest factor. I was there at a beach with some friends this past Friday near where the most recent accident happened. I didn't witness that accident, but saw several potential ones that could have occured. It's always the same thing: jet skis following too closely behind and jumping wakes of boats pulling tubers, jet skis crossing in front of boats, boats with too many people on them, boats pulling tubers in high traffic channels, drunks driving boats, excessive speed. The list goes on. That Friday, I saw a small capacity boat carrying 6 people and pulling three tubes with two people on each tube. The bottom line is there are too many inexperienced people operating watercraft on the lake.
Terry Moorhead July 10, 2012 at 06:51 PM
why cant you people figure this out , the lake is down and the acres of water is so much less! dumbasses cant get out of each others way so they run into each other!Its always been that way,plus people in the past learned to drive boats from lake people that learned from older lake peopleand its how prople are these days ,no respect for each other.
Stephen Lashley July 13, 2012 at 04:49 PM
The problem on Lake Lanier is a simple lack of common sense. Once I read that the jet skier was part of the same group as the kids on the tube, the cause of the accident was obvious. The jet skier was probably jumping the wake of the same boat pulling the children. I see that kind of thing all the time. In terms of legislating the problem, that never seems to accomplish much. They had a crackdown in the 90s because of multiple jet ski accidents, but what they did was stop and perform multiple safety checks on the cruisers, because we were big, fat and slow. When a jet ski acts unsafe, they take off and are gone before DNR or anyone else can show up. Very hard to enact meaningful enforcement--except DUI enforcement because you can catch them while they're stopped. The sad reality is that you just have to stay away from people behaving badly. They will always be a danger to themselves, but if you give them a wide bearth, you can keep them from being a danger to anyone else.
Andy D July 16, 2012 at 07:15 PM
Semi retired, There seems to be a lack of knowledge when it comes to boating period. I believe that If you are written a citation on the lake for any infraction you should be given a choice . 1) take a boater safety course. 2) or don't come back to the lake. If some one does not have the sense to put life jackets on children you want them to care about your safety. Operating a boat on a lake is fairly simple. I grew up on the ocean mistakes there will cost you your life when there is nobody for miles. Simple just know the rules and everyone is safe. Andy D.
Sam Baker July 19, 2012 at 07:23 PM
Too many people unfamiliar with intelligence/common sense, the same issue with most problems in the world. Thus, Lake Lanier is likely headed for some changes: 1. Boating license to operate a craft; 2. Course passed to get boating license; 3. All occupants - especially youth - must wear life vests at all times when on the water, whether in the boat or not; 4. No jet skis, at least not during the high traffic May through September months.
Michele Wilson August 21, 2012 at 03:25 PM
It seems common thread is that accidents happen due to lack of common sense. We are new to boating but drinking, pulling kids on tubes other than early morning in low traffic areas and nighttime boating appear to be at the root cause of most of this summer's serious incidents. Jet skis are a terrible! A shame parents do not exercise common sense.


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