Lanier Divers May Take Weekend Break in Search for Missing Teen

A witness to the fatal boating collision recounts details.

Divers were expected to resume their search Friday morning at Lake Lanier for missing teen Griffin Prince, according to media reports. However, the busy nature of weekends at Lake Lanier means they likely will suspend their search then.

Prince, 13, has been missing since a boating collision Monday that also killed his 9 year old brother, Jake.

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Also, a witness to the crash scene told WSB-TV that Paul Bennett, who faces boating under the influence charges in connection with the crash, did not leave the scene immediately.

"It wasn't a hit-and-run, by what people may think, that he left the scene immediately. He didn't do that," Phil Johnson said. 

Johnson said Bennett left sometime after rescue crews showed up. Bennett operates a hair salon in Johns Creek. He may face other charges in connection with the crash.

Authorities say Bennett's boat collided with a pontoon boat with 13 people aboard, including the victims. The pontoon boat was piloted by Mike Prince Jr., the victims' father. Mike Prince Jr. is among the owners and operators of the Grass Shack, a boating business near Lake Lanier.

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Melissa Zanone June 22, 2012 at 12:58 PM
I would like for them to suspend boating activities in that area for the weekend so that they can continue their search for Griffin... I would like to hope that other boaters would have the respect and understanding of the severe sensitivity to this situation and the need to recover Griffin and return him to his family.
Steve Burns June 22, 2012 at 01:00 PM
Thanks, Melissa.


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