Man Arrested for Sexual Battery Against Gwinnett Teen

After a six-week investigation, the suspect is now behind bars.

On Aug. 12, Gwinnett Police were dispatched to a home in Snellville in reference to a crime against a child. They were met by a 15-year-old girl who claimed that her neighbor had sexually molested her, according to the police report.

Here are more details, which have led to an arrest for aggravated child molestation and aggravated sexual battery"

The victim told police that she and her neighbor, Robin Patrician Ouimette, 46, spoke frequently in her carport. Around 11 p.m. on Aug. 11, Ouimette called the victim and asked her to come outside to see him. She went out and spoke with him, when he asked her to smoke marijuana. She refused, but he attempted to blow the smoke in her mouth to get her "stoned."

He then lured her to a shed behind the house, but she stated that she was tired and needed to go to bed. Her brother then came out and told her to go inside. She told police she could smell alcohol on Ouimette, and that he was "almost always drinking." However, she claimed she had never seen him that drunk before.

Again, Ouimette called her once she went inside. She initially refused to go, but he said he was right outside of her home and just wanted to speak with her. When she met with him this time, he sexually assaulted her.

Ouimette refused to cooperate with police at first, but later agreed. He stated that he has a heart problem and has been in and out of the hospital lately. He claimed that the victim "is like a daughter to him," and he has attempted to be a father figure to her. He denied any wrongdoing.

The victim was brought to the hospital for a medical evaluation.

On Sept. 28, Ouimette was arrested for aggravated child molestation and aggravated sexual battery.

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