Man High on Bath Salts Threatens to Eat Other People

The suspect, who was at a Norcross-area golf driving range, also was tasered 14 times.

A June 14th incident at the Atlanta Golf Center on Beaver Ruin Road, filmed by Gwinnett County Police, shows suspect Karl Laventure of Alpharetta high on what is suspected to be bath salts, with superhuman strength.

According to WSB-TV, Laventure was waving a golf club and threatening to eat people.

Officer Ross Hancock, who was first on the scene, said Laventure "came running at us out of the woodline" when they arrived. He added that Laventure, who admitted to being high on bath salts, was running all around the range, through a nearby pond, half-naked, out of his mind and threatened to . 

Officers deployed pepper spray, but Hancock said he didn't even wipe his eyes.

Four officers were needed to hold Laventure down while they awaited an ambulance; this after the man was tasered four times. He was tasered a total of 14 times as further erratic behavior was exhibited once at the hospital. The incident was filmed to show others the superhuman strength exhibited while high on bath salts.

Incidents with bath salts are becoming more common. It is a synthetic, stimulant powder containing amphetamine-like chemicals.

Last year, Georgia Legislators passed a bill banning bath salts which had been available in many gas stations, smoke shops and adult novelty stores. When used, it results in a high similar to speed, but creates side effects including extreme paranoia, hallucinations, increased heart rate and blood pressure and death.


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