Weird Police News: Counterfeit Money, and Inside Jobs at Home ...

Here's what police officers around Northeast Georgia were up against recently.

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More family confessions: There may not be many family secrets in these two homes. A Dacula woman told Gwinnett Police her granddaughter had a “drug problem” and was likely the burglar who took more than $1,000 in tools from the grandmother’s garage. In Buford, a father called police after what was believed to be crystal methamphetamine was found in his 20-year-old son’s bedroom. The mother said that would explain why her son had broken into a local gas station.

You don’t see this often: The Walton County Sheriff’s Department reported that people dressed up in gorilla suits were throwing debris on a roadway. They were told to stop monkeying around and clean up the mess.

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Oh yeah … the fence: After crashing his vehicle through a street sign and a wooden fence, and then fleeing on foot in Barrow County, a Stone Mountain man under the influence asked police why he was chased.

At least it wasn’t Monopoly money: A man tried to make a purchase at a Stone Mountain Big Lots with a $5 bill disguised as a $100 bill.

Can I have my fake money back? Two suspects trying to spend five counterfeit $20 bills at an Oconee County Walmart tried to snatch the bills back and threatened to beat up the clerk, who held on like a champ. The men ran away.

Nice guy (not): A Buford woman said her inebriated ex-boyfriend pushed her head against the car window in an attempt to force her to crash the vehicle because she wouldn’t give him the passcode to her mobile phone. The next day, she found her iPhone and GPS unit were stolen. She suspected it was the ex-boyfriend.

> Inspector con: A man presented himself as an inspector with the Atlanta Fire Department and demanded $300 each from shops in the Lenox Square food court after conducting an "inspection" of the restaurants' interiors.

Brother, where art thou? After his brother told police during a traffic stop in Buford that there were no drugs in the car (despite the smell of pot), a Gainesville man was more cooperative. the brother confessed. The cops confiscated around two pounds of pot.



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