Suwanee Man Arrested on Stalking Charge; Father Also Jailed for Obstruction

The incidents happened near their residence.

A Suwanee man and his father were booked into the Gwinnett Detention Center early Wednesday (November 28) on separate charges that appear to be related to the same incident at their residence.

Robert Scott Juhl was arrested on a stalking charge, and father Robert Jens Juhl was arrested for obstructing an officer, according to Suwanee Police. They were released on bond later Wednesday -- $5,700 for the obstruction charge, $2,950 for the stalking charge, jail records show.

Their arrest records show the same Lake Pass Lane address in Suwanee.

Robert Scott Juhl previously had been warned by Suwanee Police to cease contact with a neighbor, police records show. The recent arrests apparently came after there again was some type of contact between Robert Scott Juhl and the neighbor, a police spokesperson said.

No report is yet available on the obstruction charge for Robert Jens Juhl.

According to police records, an officer responded to a stalking complaint earlier in November. The complainant told the officer that she had become friends with Robert Scott Juhl "over the past few months." She would listen to his problems, and would occasionally invite him over for dinner.

The complainant then told the officer that "it became clear ... that Juhl was looking for more than a friendship."

On two occasions, Juhl returned, but the complainant refused to answer the door. After the second occasion (on November 21), the complainant called police. She told the officer that she did not wish to have him arrested, and the officer told the complainant that he would explain the stalking laws to the younger Juhl.

The officer told Juhl that he was not to have any type of email, mail, text, telephone or in person contact with the neighbor. That included no knocking on her door or visiting her place of business.

This arrest information was obtained from Suwanee Police. It does not indicate a conviction. For questions about this report, email steve.burns@patch.com

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