Weird Police Stories of the Week: Waffle House Run, High Speed Motorcycle Chase and Baseball Gear Assault

Criminal suspects have had a need for speed in Northeast Georgia recently.

A man accused of at a Winder ran away from police when they confronted him on a street near the restaurant. A patrol car chased him until he went into some woods, where he got caught in some brush and gave up.

A Loganville motorcyclist is accused of moving faster, on State Route 316. It ended when he crashed into the back of a car, but not before he weaved through traffic, ran red lights and evaded a series of roadblocks on several highways and parkways.

A shoplifting suspect in Oconee County did manage to drive off with a T-shirt and pair of athletic shorts after at a loss prevention officer. Police have a picture of the suspect, but not the suspect.

Even when folks seek out the police, they're not always polite about it. An intoxicated Dacula woman called 911 when her husband wouldn't let her drive home, then, when threatened with arrest for disorderly conduct, told officers

More disorderly conduct was reported at the in Dacula, where a man to another guy, punched him in the jaw when confronted, then landed another punch on a witness who intervened. Police were looking for a 6-foot-tall, 200-pound white man with a shaved head and a polo shirt who left the restaurant in a black BMW 7 series passenger car.


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