Ann Romney Brings Husband's Message to Alpharetta

The wife of the GOP delegate leader begins a final campaign push for Super Tuesday.

Updated 7:25 p.m., March 1

Ann Romney brought a message of family values to 's in downtown Alpharetta during lunchtime Thursday, with an overflow crowd clamoring to see her.

Romney told supporters that her husband, GOP delegate leader Mitt Romney, will win the nomination and beat President Barack Obama, statements that brought applause from the crowd that was predominantly made up of women.

"This is our message. This is what we are going to do and this is our purpose," she said. "Our purpose is to go out and save America. And I'm proud to get that out every single day."

The campaign may be tough, but she said it hasn't been her toughest battle.

"I will tell you that my battle with MS is a little tougher than this battle. I can make it. I won the other battle. I can win this battle. This one isn't as hard," she said. "I have been to the depths, and the darkest place, really."

Ann Romney said the battle with MS has given her strength and resolve to fight for the campaign.

"You guys have got to do the right thing in Georgia on Tuesday. So get all of your friends and you know what? We can make a huge statement."

As she spoke, she learned that Georgians can vote today, so she urged them to go out and vote. (Early voting began in February in Georgia.)

As far as her husband, "He is going to beat Barack Obama," she said.

Ann Romney said she was touched by the reception, as the campaign trail can be a lonely battle. She hasn't been home in her own bed since the New Hampshire primary on Jan. 10.


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