Election Day 2012 Voters Braving Rain and Cold in Suwanee

Turnout is strong at one precinct -- share your experiences.

The long lines and strong opinions that characterized early 2012 voting in Suwanee continued on Election Day, Tuesday (November 6).

Connie Coupal, voting place supervisor at Epiphany Lutheran Church, said about 8:40 a.m. that some 200 voters already had turned out, a strong number. About 3,000 registered voters are in that precinct.

And some voters weren't reluctant to share their choices.

Terrence Morrow said it took him "about 20 minutes" to vote -- and he voted for President Obama.

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He senses that there might be more voter apathy on the presidential race in Georgia than nationwide. "A lot of people think Georgia is a foregone conclusion (for GOP nominee Mitt Romney.)"

Kathy McFarland said she voted in less than 30 minutes -- "speedy." Her sister Megan McFarland added, "I'll be on time for work." Both voted for Romney.

The McFarlands and Morrow all voted against Amendment One, also known as the Charter School Amendment.

Morrow has children at New Life Academy and Gwinnett School of Mathematics, Science and Technology, both charter schools under control of the Gwinnett school system.

"They could do more, but I think they should go through the same process," Morrow said.

Duluth resident Mark Bender, who spent his post-voting time at a Suwanee Starbucks, said he voted for the Charter School Amendment.

"If one child can come out the better for it, that's why I voted for it."

Bender, typically a GOP voter, stayed that way Tuesday.

"I'm tired of Obama stealing my money," Bender said.

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