Haley Focuses on Obama in Tea Party Comments

Governor skips Romney pitch to conservative crowd.

Gov. Nikki Haley kept her focus on defeating President Barack Obama and kept quiet on her support of former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney while speaking Monday to a Tea Party crowd.

The governor was speaking to more than 200 at the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention in Myrtle Beach, in advance of the SCGOP Debate Monday night.

Haley has taken flak from some Tea Party supporters for her fervent endorsement of Romney, who endorsed Haley early in her 2010 gubernatorial race. On Sunday, a speaker supporting former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at the convention

With no mention of Romney, Haley focused her time on voting the president out in November.

Haley noted the National Labor Relations Board challenge to a Boeing Dreamliner facility in North Charleston and Justice Department suits against the state's new immigration and voter ID laws.

"What they don't know is that you don't mess with us here in South Carolina," Haley said. 

That is why the election in November is so important, she said.

"At the end of the day, when we all come together, I cannot continue to lead South Carolina with President Obama in office," she said. "President Obama is the hardest part of my job and he has to go."

Haley told the press afterwards that the Tea Party doesn't vote in a block.

"You're going to see them divided on this, but every one of them wants to see President Obama gone," she said.

Other candidates, including Gingrich and former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Penn.), are scheduled to speak Monday afternoon to the Tea Party crowd. When asked Haley said Romney should speak to the convention if he has the time in his schedule.

"These are good people, they know their issues," Haley said.

In her address to the crowd, Haley also touted her success in Columbia on securing on-the-record voting and curbing local legislation, as well as implementing Medicaid and tort reform. But, on each point, she thanked the Tea Party audience for their help.

"I want to thank you for using the power of your voice and helping me get things done," she said.

After noting a new effort to work around a few of the mandated on-the-record votes on the budget, Haley said she was ready to fight it, but needed the Tea Party's help.

"I'm on it and I ask that you stay on it," she said. 

Haley also showed she's still ready to take on the legislature in 2012, pointing in particular to promises of a new Department of Administration. She noted it was held up in the final days of the session last year, prompting the governor to walk into the chamber to challenge Senate leaders.

"I will show up there any time they lie to me," she said.

With a speech focused on her opposition to Obama, while promoting her reform agenda in the Statehouse, Haley received a standing ovation from the crowd.

Marie C February 03, 2012 at 03:32 AM
He has certainly accomplished at lot alright. Higher taxes, Raising the deficit higher than its ever been, Paying our tax dollars to unemployed for nearly four years, down grading our Military, apologizing to other counties for America, killing jobs in America by stopping the Keystone Oil Pipeline, which by the way, his buddy Warren Buffet will benefit from since he owns the Railroad they want to use to transport this oil , which will cost the American people 3.00 per barrel which ADDS up when there are thousands of gallons, Not to mention we pay the increase! Ruining our right to have private Medical care, forcing the people to buy Govt. Medical Ins., or be fined, and by the way those on welfare have a debt card they can use in strip bars and for alcohol, Taxing businesses forcing them to leave to operate in some other country, forcing the Catholics to allow birth-control, constantly in our personal lives. What you don't seem to understand is he is deliberately trying to financially break America, so if it falls, he can set up a new form of Govt., called Socialism ! Wake up people before you don't have the nice comfy freedoms you now enjoy !
Tonto February 03, 2012 at 03:38 AM
What did you expect from a communist?
stanley seigler February 03, 2012 at 04:44 AM
@MARIE C as all know and said many times: "you are entitled to your opinion not to your facts" of which there are NONE i find in your post... eg, your contention taxes are higher under BO is not fact. tax rates 2003-2011 have not changed. these are rates under bush tax cuts. well might look Keystone pipeline: "One independent review of Keystone puts that number even lower, with the Cornell University Global Labor Institute finding that the pipeline would add only 500 to 1,400 temporary construction jobs. The authors of the September report also said that much of the new employment stemming from Keystone would be outside the U.S." please provide references that support your contentions...with all due respect, i doubt there are any...but surely you have supporting evidence or you would not have made statements that divide our country. BTW where are the jobs the bush tax cuts created...
Tonto February 03, 2012 at 05:07 AM
More endless dribble to prop up the communist :(
JoSCh February 03, 2012 at 02:23 PM
I found two instances where you're right. Raising the deficit and trying to force Catholics to allow birth control. On every other issue you mentioned you're absolutely wrong. Higher taxes? On who? There hasn't been a tax hike since he took office. Unemployment insurance is funded by and distributed only to the previously employed. You're mad at people for collecting on their insurance? And they aren't "paying our tax dollars". If additional funding was given to states it was in the form of a loan. Denying XL saves jobs in America and keeps Canadian oil in America. The existing Keystone pipeline already delivers oil to Nebraska and Illinois. Extending it allows Canada to sell their oil to other countries, which is their right. But run a pipeline across your land to do so, not mine. His health care doesn't deny you the right to purchase private insurance and doesn't create government medical insurance. The welfare debit card itself is the issue, not that it can be used in a strip club or liquor store. What is to stop a welfare recipient from withdrawing cash from a "legitimate" ATM and then going to a strip club? Nothing. Fix the real problem. Businesses don't operate out of other countries because the taxes are too high in America, they do it because they can exploit other countries cheap and unprotected workforce. Ah yes, the president is destroying the country to enable his socialist agenda. Brilliant.


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