Career Advice for Young People: Join a Live Labor Department Chat on Patch

Visit Patch Wednesday, Feb. 29, to participate in the Georgia Department of Labor's question-and-answer chat about helping people in their teens and 20s prepare for employment.

Young people can get advice on resume writing, college admissions, looking for work and other career-preparation steps during a live chat on Patch on Wednesday, Feb. 29.

The chat, from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., hosted by the Georgia Department of Labor, will feature expert advice on how to break into the job market, match interests and talents with careers, obtain funding to attend school, write resumes, locate advisors to help determine career paths, plan and conduct job searches and create achievement portfolios, and move beyond the Internet to locate jobs.

Questions may be submitted in advance on the Georgia Department of Labor Facebook page and by sending a message to the GDOL on Twitter.

To view previous chat sessions, click on the “Chat with an Expert: Replay” link on the GDOL website. January's session, on , was also featured on Patch.


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