Obama Presidential Inauguration 2013: Who's Saying What Online (With Video)

'Liberal vision' is mentioned often as the president begins a second term. Check some news accounts, and add your thoughts.

It's official - President Obama has been sworn in to his second term in office. And as usual, there was an overwhelming amount of pomp and circumstance in Washington, D.C., on Monday (January 21, 2013).

And the phrase "liberal vision" came up more than once.

Here are some news accounts of the president's speech and the surrounding events. Add your opinions.

-- Obama Offers Liberal Vision: ‘We Must Act’ -- New York Times

-- In Obama's inaugural speech, a sweeping liberal vision -- Los Angeles Times

-- Presidential inauguration: Obama lays out battle plan for second term -- Chicago Tribune

-- Analysis: Obama's speech takes on divisive issues -- USA TODAY

-- President Obama takes second oath of office at inauguration -- Washington Post

-- What was your reaction to the president's speech? How do you think he will do in his second term? Share your opinions in the comments below.


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