SPEAK OUT: Prominent Gwinnett Columnist Opposes TSPLOST

Brack denounces the proposed 1 percent sales tax in his latest newsletter.

The TSPLOST vote that will go before voters in Gwinnett and other areas on July 31 has gained a powerful opponent: Gwinnett columnist and publisher Elliott Brack.

In the latest edition of his newsletter Gwinnett Forum, Brack says the state's elected leaders are "shirking their responsibility" by passing the issue on to voters.

What are your thoughts on the TSPLOST? Do you agree with Brack? Tell us in the comments below.

"Simply put, the Legislature should have solved this problem itself 18 months ago with a plan for improving transportation. Had they, we would be 18-24 months ahead with improving transportation and by this, adding construction jobs," Brack wrote. "But because many of the present-day legislators and its leadership are short-sighted and weak-minded, they fail to pass a meaningful transportation solution. Instead, they toss a complicated issue to the people to decide the question. That's wrong, and shows that elected leaders are shirking their responsibility."

Brack also touched on the local effect of the proposed tax, which involves all of metro Atlanta: "Presently in Gwinnett, we have a six percent sales tax, including two local SPLOST programs. We might add, these two programs keep all the sales taxes collected in the county remaining in Gwinnett.

"But for the solving of transportation purposes, this T-SPLOST would add a penny sales tax throughout Georgia (if all regions agreed), meaning in Gwinnett a seven cent sales tax. That's getting mighty high, and a far cry from the three percent sales tax that Herman Talmadge started in 1948 to solve our problems in Georgia."

The TSPLOST, also known as the Regional Transportation Referendum, would fund transportation-related improvements in Gwinnett and the region.

A proposed list of improvements already has been decided, but those could be changed after the vote.

Backers, which include Gov. Nathan Deal and former Suwanee Mayor Dave Williams, say the transportation improvements are necessary to bring jobs to metro Atlanta.

Brack is a Norcross resident, and also is a former publisher of the Gwinnett edition of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

So, how do you feel about the TSPLOST? Do you fear jobs will be lost if it fails? Tell us in the comments below.

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Compiled by Steve Burns.



ACC-SEC Booster June 23, 2012 at 10:05 PM
{{{"So, how do you feel about the TSPLOST? Do you fear jobs will be lost if it fails?"}}} I would tell you how I feel about the T-SPLOST, but since this is a family forum I'll keep it clean and just say that I agree with everything that Mr. Brack stated. The legislature could have had some semblance of a transportation plan in place over two years ago, or maybe earlier if they cared, which they don't, instead of pushing their constitutional responsibility to maintain the roads off on the public to decide so that they can't be bothered with interrupting their busy schedule of chasing lobbyist-funded money and high-priced gifts.
William Good June 24, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Atlanta is in drastic need of transportation improvements. With $8.5 billion dollar being raised for these transportation projects jobs will definitely be created. With improvement projects being done and more mobility options being created, more businesses will be prone to coming to the area as well.
Steve June 27, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Thank you Mr Brack. We have have enough taxes already and I certainly will not support another, especially one that is ill conceived, ill timed, and putting us even more at a disadvantage with neighboring states. If the legislature wants to do something to help us grow, the could address our income tax situation.


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