Suwanee Again To Consider Transportation Plan

Enhancement for sidewalks and pedestrian crossings are being reviewed.

For the third straight month, Suwanee City Council will consider a transportation plan that would mean improvements for pedestrians and cyclists in various areas of town.

The Pedestrian Bicycle Plan, originally known as the Alternate Modes Transportation Plan, would mean some $1.5 million in new sidewalks and crossings. The work in Tier I of the plan would be implemented in 2011-15.

Council began reviewing the proposal heavily this year, but delayed voting on it at the February and March meetings. The April meeting is Tuesday at City Hall. Pond and Co. of Norcross is the firm that has been working with Suwanee planner Josh Campbell and other city officials on the changes.

Among the proposals:

-- Enhanced pedestrian crossings at Peachtree Industrial Boulevard intersections at Moore Road and Suwanee Dam Road. Countdown timers and brick-pattern crosswalks are being considered.

-- A flashing pedestrian hybrid beacon would be installed at one key intersection; McGinnis Ferry Road and Scales Road is considered most likely. This would be similar to the "hawk" beacon at the entrance of Town Center Park.

-- sidewalks and "share the road" signs/marking language on such key streets as Martin Farm Road, Stonecypher Road and Buford Highway.

The complete agenda for Tuesday's council meeting (7 p.m.; public hearing at 6:30 p.m.) is here.

The council Thursday will hold a workshop to concentrate on budget review. That agenda is here.

Laurie Culpepper April 27, 2011 at 02:19 PM
Currently there is not a safe path to get by bicycle from the sidewalks to the road at the intersection of Peachtree Industrial and Suwannee Dam Road near the gas station on the corner there. If you would go and look at the area from where the road comes into the gas station on Suwanee Dam --all the way down to Stony Cipher Road, you will see there is an area large enough to pave a small path for bicycles. It is much safer to go down StonyCipher than to try to ride along Suwanee Dam Road to get to the Greenway via the tunnel at the Police Station. We regularly ride our bikes from Sims Lake Park to the Greenway and that is the only area that could be improved immediately without it costing much and it would improve the connecting routes tremendously. It would also be helpful if the path had a curb to keep cars from coming over and paint a bicycle on the path itself so people know not to drive over there!
Steve Burns April 27, 2011 at 03:24 PM
Laurie, note the plan passed Tuesday. Your feedback is welcome there, too.


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