Suwanee Water Treatment 'Working'

Officials began the process in 2011 after some residents complained of discoloration.

City of Suwanee officials report that a water-system treatment process that began in spring 2011 has progressed well and that they will continue the flushing and phosphate treatment process.

Officials began the process after. The problem in the Stonecypher subdivision dated back several years; the subdivision dates to 2004-5.

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No health problems were reported, but some residents reported that some clothing had been ruined during washing by the discoloration.

James Miller, director of public works, said Thursday that the system has been flushed twice since treatment began, and phosphate treatment was begun and will continue.

"There always will be some discoloration in any system," Miller said. But he added that the treatment process is "working."

About 330 homes citywide get their water from Suwanee's system, including Mayor Jimmy Burnette, an Old Town resident. The system uses groundwater. The rest of Suwanee's residents get their water from Gwinnett's system, which obtains it from Lake Lanier.

The discoloration apparently comes from naturally present manganese reacting with chlorine added to the system, city officials said. It sticks to water pipes and causes discoloration any time it is dislodged, such as during scheduled flushing or heavy resident use. Manganese is considered essential to good health in proper amounts.

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