Suwanee Emergency Alert System To Launch in October

CodeRED procedures have been approved by City Council.

Coming soon to a landline or cell phone near you, Suwanee: Alerts from city officials.

On Oct. 1, the city will begin using CodeRED, an emergency notification system thaat distributes alerts on various situations, according to a news release. Procedures for using the system, which has been in the works for months, were approved Tuesday (Sept. 25) by City Council.

"“This is a service that our citizens have requested,” City Manager Marty Allen said in the news release, “and we’re pleased to be able to provide it in a manner that we believe is effective and cost-efficient.

"Our Council felt that this was a more elegant, versatile, and effective answer than tornado sirens to residents’ requests, in particular for severe weather notification. And, in addition to providing weather-related notifications, the system we’ve adopted can be used for other important emergency and non-emergency communication purposes.”

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The city is using CodeRED, a system produced by Emergency Communications Network of Omond Beach, Fla. Also, some weather alerts will be distributed by the National Weather Service.

According to city procedures, alerts fall into three categories:

  • general information: non-emergency situations, such as events and meetings, city initiatives and website updates;
  • weather: National Weather Service will send out information about warnings (but not watches);
  • emergency notifications: information on "significant emergency incidents and events" where "timely notifications of an affected population or geographic area of the city is essential or highly desirable." This could be an event such as a fire, a flood, or utility outages.

People can sign up for the system on the city website. Look for the CodeRED logo in the lower right hand corner of the site.

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Steve Burns September 27, 2012 at 11:12 AM
This Suwanee resident already has signed up.


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