Suwanee Formally Applies for Historic District in Old Town

Opposition becomes visible along Main Street.

City of Suwanee officials have formally applied for federal Historic District status for a part of Old Town.

And opposition has surfaced along Main Street, the area's main thoroughfare.

Denise Brinson, economic development director at City Hall, noted that the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) formally submitted its application to the state Department of Natural Resources this month. The city had gotten a preliminary "thumbs up" during the summer.

National Register Historic District status is seen as essential to completion of the lease-purchase deal for the historic Pierce's Corner building, which is owned by the DDA. And Pierce's Corner is seen as a catalyst for further redevelopment in Old Town.

However, some Old Town residents are not pleased. Several homeowners on Main Street have posted signs in their front yards to indicate their opposition to National Register status. (See attached photo).

The entire review process by state officials could take 18 months to two years. However, development of Pierce's Corner could begin before formal approval.

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Jimmy Spiro November 02, 2012 at 09:02 PM
Steve--Thanks for covering this issue which the long time elderly homeowners on Main Street that do not want to be included in NR. These residents want to be left ALONE. As a 19 years resident of Suwanee and not in the NR District I am also opposed. It seem there is always some agenda that benefits only a few and the rest have to pay and suffer. Jimmy Spiro


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