Suwanee-North Gwinnett Annexation Idea Called Preliminary

The school's PTA officials suggested the move.

Updated 5:03 p.m., November 29

Discussions about Suwanee annexing North Gwinnett High School are called preliminary by top officials involved. And the idea, which is targeted for discussion by Suwanee officials in December, was suggested by parent groups from the school.

North Gwinnett Principal Ed Shaddix said Thursday that members of the school council and PTA suggested the idea, and sent a letter to Suwanee officials about the possibility.

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The rationale is that the school, located at Level Creek Road and Suwanee Dam Road, and the city are in a "mutually beneficial situation," Shaddix said.

The principal noted that the school has used city facilities for various functions, and that the school also contracts with Suwanee Police for security at football games.

Suwanee City Manager Marty Allen termed the talks "pre-preliminary."

Shaddix also noted that most North Gwinnett students live in the Suwanee city limits, though the school technically is in an unincorporated area. The school used to draw heavily from Sugar Hill, but now many of those students attend Lanier High.

The parent-led movement wanted to see "if it's a good fit. There's nothing binding at this point."

The school property is owned by the Gwinnett school board, and so that organization would eventually have to be involved in any annexation. School board spokesperson Jorge Quintana also noted that the idea came from the school council and PTA at the school.

"It's hard to find any negatives (about possible annexation)," Shaddix said.

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