Most in Metro Atlanta Oppose TSPLOST, Poll Says

Also, the WSB poll says that areas outside I-285 are strongly against the proposed 1-percent sales tax.

The transportation referendum known as TSPLOST is losing support among Republican voters and in areas inside I-285, according to a WSB-TV poll.

The poll, conducted July 11, found that only 33 percent of metro Atlantans overall support the referendum while 56 percent oppose the measure. Twelve percent remain undecided.

Voters in 10 metro counties, including Gwinnett, are being asked to approve a 1-percent sales tax that would collect more than $6 billion over the next 10 years for transportation and transit projects. Local governments would get an additional $1 billion for traffic improvements.

The WSB poll, based on 1,050 registered voters, showed the TSPLOST is losing support inside Fulton and DeKalb counties for the first time.

Also, the poll showed that just 20 percent of Republicans support the measure.

Outside I-285, 64 percent are opposed to the tax, the WSB poll said.

Suwanee and Gwinnett officials will hold a public information session on the TSPLOST on Monday, July 17, at 6 p.m. at Suwanee City Hall. Elected officials in Suwanee support the measure, as does Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal.

The poll comes as the pro-TSPLOST group Untie Atlanta has launched a new TV ad in support of the vote. (See the attached video.

Advance voting is under way in Suwanee and Gwinnett, with the official primary date on July 31.

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Joe_Harris July 16, 2012 at 04:28 AM
The passage of the Regional Transportation Referendum is our best bet at improving the congestion in our area. We have grown so accustomed to sitting in traffic on a daily basis that we think it is the best option that we have. However, with the passage of this referendum we can improve critical interchanges in the area and increase our mobility options.
Ed Stiles July 17, 2012 at 12:41 AM
Sorry, but until the list includes MARTA lines being extended, you won't see me supporting this boondoggle. If you read through the list, there are very few public transportation items listed. Looks mostly like a windfall for Bubba's Road and Paving Company. Improving exchanges doesn't help if the roads between them are clogged; we need to get cars off the road and reduce air pollution ( as well as America's dependance on foreign oil ); we don't need to make it easier to accommodate more cars on the road. Then there is the issue of personal finance, I don't need to donate another penny on every dollar I spend for the next ten years when most people (including myself) are having hard times making ends meet during this recession. Also, Bubba's workers won't add to the economy, they'll be hired at a minimal wage and won't have the discretionary income to help pull the economy out of its funk.


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