Suwanee Gets a Look at TSPLOST

Gwinnett and Suwanee officials present the situation Monday at City Hall.

Updated 6:40 a.m.

Kim Conroy, Gwinnett County director of transportation, technically can't be an advocate for the Transportation Investment Act, the voter referendum also known as TSPLOST. But he left no doubt Monday in Suwanee how county leaders view the situation.

"We do see traffic as one of the most important things we face," Conroy said after Monday's 45-minute video slide presentation at Suwanee City Hall. "Congestion is an issue."

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And one resident in attendance agrees.

"Improvements are needed," said Hank Duren of Buford, who attended the session with his wife, Carmen Duren. She added: "New people are moving here all the time."

The price, of course, is adding a 1 percent sales tax to Gwinnett County and metro Atlanta for the next 10 years, or until the projected $8.4 billion in funds is raised. The referendum is on the July 31 ballot, and already before advance voters.

Conroy said that if the referendum does not pass, "as money is available, we'll do what we can."

Conroy's presentation noted that the TSPLOST, if approved, would raise $837,000 for Gwinnett road and transit improvements. Federal funds totaling $61,500 would be added to that.

Projects on the Gwinnett list include:

  • Improvements on the I-85 corridor, including at SR 20, Hamilton Mill Road, and SR 324;
  • Widening of SR 141 and Pleasant Hill Road;
  • Widening of SR 20;
  • SR 141 widening;
  • Sugarloaf Parkway extension.

Suwanee City Manager Marty Allen, who also spoke, noted that Suwanee would devote about $212,000 for road maintenance and $140,000 for pedestrian-related improvements.

Also, the referendum would fund about $54 million in projects for Gwinnett that were not completed when the 2009 SPLOST projections fell short.

For more information on the TIA/TSPLOST, visit www.gwinnetttransportationvote.com

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Maribeth McGreevy July 26, 2012 at 03:57 AM
Well, after reading the projects planned, I have made my mind up to vote no. Good grief, this just likes a list of all sorts of pet projects for different areas with a lot of hands "in the pot". I think either using the money to develop real train service and not a Marta extension or widening I-85 and getting rid of the HOT lanes might have been worthwhile. I commute every day down I-85 and NONE of these projects will help my area. An extension of Sugarloaf? You have got to be kidding me!!!! This would have been a good idea if we could have used almost all the money to create a real rail system in the Atlanta metro area, or if we used it to expand the interstates. This is a joke, with bike lanes, walking trails, and 155 other myriad projects. I am voting NO.


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